Welcome Message

In 2017, the University launched the SMARTER@HKU Programme to build on our strengths in professional services. With our colleagues' active participation, we will work together to create the enabling platform to achieve the University’s vision of becoming Asia’s Global University by 2025. 

The University has an ambitious vision. It calls for attracting the world’s most renowned researchers, the most intellectually curious and capable students, and connecting them with inspirational and knowledgeable professors.

These goals are not easy. They require us to rethink the way we work. Can our services be more customer-centric, delivering quickly and effectively? Can we use our space and energy more effectively and efficiently, and invest in upgrading or building new facilities?  Can we purchase goods and services in a way that maximises the resources available?  Can we embed continuous improvement into our daily work? We must answer these challenging yet necessary questions.

SMARTER@HKU has been laying the ground work necessary for a positive transformation. It has been designed with the fundamental belief that a university cannot achieve its highest potential in education and research unless its administration is also world-class. 

Our colleagues in professional services have enormous talent and are a catalyst for change. The SMARTER@HKU Programme is all about releasing that talent and encouraging excellence that will transform the University. Excellent work deserves recognition. SMARTER@HKU has introduced the Professional Services Award to recognise outstanding contribution among colleagues. The Professional Services Award 2017 was completed with great success, and I look forward to our colleagues' nominations for the Award in 2018. 

Strong support is vital to the success of SMARTER@HKU. This new vibrant website is designed to connect our people.  I look forward to their ideas on professional services. I also encourage them to recognise their colleagues who have walked the extra mile through the Say 'Thanks' column. Above all is to keep updated on SMARTER@HKU by visiting this website regularly.

Together, we will make HKU the Asia’s Global University by 2025. 


Dr. Steven Cannon

Executive Vice-President (Administration & Finance) 


Peter Wong Alt
President and Vice-Chancellor