Streamlined Process to Appoint Professoriate Staff

November 30, 2018


Universities around the world are all competing for the best professoriate talent. The HR Task Force has challenged the status quo and streamlined the appointment process of professoriate staff to ensure high quality of hires. The overall experience for colleagues from hiring departments and candidates will also be better. 

Ms Aster Ho, HR Task Force Leader and Associate Director of Human Resources, remarks, “We are aware that the faster the University deliberates, the higher the chance we will get the best possible talent, and the better the candidate experience will be. To make sure that HKU is competitive, we have introduced new ways that help us work in parallel to save time and effort, and have more transparency.”

Highlights include:

  • Taking a proactive approach involving global search for top talent through intelligent networks instead of solely relying on job advertisements
  • Speeding up the process by reducing the number of external assessments required from five to three if the candidate already has tenure from a good university
  • Enabling deeper engagement with candidates through inviting them to give seminars and meet key stakeholders in small groups to replace panel interviews
  • Giving higher transparency by discussing tentative remuneration packages with shortlisted candidates during their campus visit. This can also help accelerate subsequent negotiations.

For full details, please visit: (for HKU staff only)

Streamlined Professoriate Appointment Process

Annex I - Recruitment Process: Assistant Professor and Associate Professor without direct tenure

Annex II - Recruitment Process: Associate Professor with direct tenure

Annex III - Recruitment Process: Professor

Effective December 1, 2018, the new appointment process will shorten the time required for recruitment by approximately ten weeks from the time a job advertisement closes and suitable candidates are identified. Deans, Department Heads and administrative staff provided critical input to the new process.

All enquiries can be addressed to or to the respective colleagues in the Human Resource Section handling HR matters for your Faculty / Department / Centre / Office.