A Smarter Approach to Campus Catering

July 23, 2018

The University will bring in a new concept to operate and manage the campus catering services in response to the needs and concerns of our students and colleagues. They would like a wider variety of food choices, better quality and a greater degree of consistency in the services across the outlets. 

With the new concept, a number of outlets will come under a parent caterer who has strong expertise and business network in the industry, and a holistic view can be taken in operation. The synchronised efforts will bring a wide and coordinated selection of global and local food choices to the HKU community and ensure consistency in quality. In addition, the new parent caterer places great importance on customer feedback and is in a good position to respond to special dietary needs and align with students’ campus life patterns. 

Collaboration has been established with Sodexo (Hong Kong) Limited which will provide services in 10 outlets across the campus under a five-plus-two-year contract.

Dr. Steven Cannon, Executive Vice-President (Administration & Finance) described the new approach, as one of the important initiatives of the SMARTER@HKU Programme, was “innovative”.

He remarked, “This is a significant milestone that the SMARTER@HKU Programme has achieved to bring a cohesive and comprehensive approach to operate the campus catering services. This new model will not only help bring an enhanced dining experience to our students and colleagues, but also help the University cut down the number of catering contracts, streamline administrative processes and achieve efficiency gains."

New Experience in the Digital Age

Going digital is a global trend and there is no exception to catering experience. Mrs. Sylvia Wong, SMARTER@HKU Task Force Leader on Campus Catering and Director of Campus Life, Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), remarked,  “The parent caterer will develop digital solutions progressively to provide convenience to the HKU community, be it real-time online menus, a variety of payment methods, a glance of customer traffic and potentially on-campus delivery services. Students and colleagues are able to give feedback in real-time for continuous improvement of the services as well.”

The agenda of sustainability is equally central to the new approach. The parent caterer will work closely with the University to minimise waste. Initiatives will include recycling and reducing consumption on water and energy resources.

The majority of the outlets will open their doors in September 2018 by stage and this progressive roll-out will be completed by early 2019.

For the service commencement schedule of the new outlets and other details, visit the CEDARS website:  http://cedars.hku.hk/catering


For further reading, visit: https://www.smarter.hku.hk/page/news/cateringservices