Dr Leon Lei Chi Un was the recipient of 2018 Professional Services Individual Award. He was nominated by Dr Timothy Hew, Associate Dean, Faculty of Education. 

Leon is dedicated to providing professional services to transform e-learning development at HKU. He has developed award-winning e-learning tools, engaged teachers to implement a flipped classroom and nurtured junior talent. He has a strong passion for finding new ways to work smarter. His outstanding work has contributed significantly to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning at the University.

Leon has been playing a leading role in developing interactive e-learning technology, including automation, visualisation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot tools, to transform teaching and learning at HKU. He has introduced initiatives for teachers and colleagues to learn about the significance of using data-informed design process, pedagogy and evidence-based practice in e-learning development. He has also guided units across the campus in developing MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). In 2018, the augmented-reality-enhanced chatbot system he and his colleagues designed was shortlisted in the global QS Reimagine Education Award.

Leon has introduced smarter ways of working with passion and enthusiasm. His easy-to-use package that enabled teachers to implement a flipped classroom received positive feedback. He has adopted the Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC) approach in Six Sigma to facilitate MOOC production. In collaboration with colleagues, he developed automated tools to identify clustered student groups in large classes with similar learning behaviour or special needs to allow more personalised support. He uses metric reports to communicate project progress with stakeholders. 

A keen learner, he is also enthusiastic to share knowledge and develop people. Given the growing concerns about intellectual property and the use of personal data in e-learning development, he provided training for colleagues to ensure international regulations were followed. He has nurtured junior colleagues through one-to-one mentoring and empowered them to lead change, with some of them being promoted to more advanced positions. He has also motivated student interns to come up with new ideas to produce e-learning materials, and shared best practices with teaching and professional services colleagues.

Leon is committed and creative in using new technology to enhance teaching and learning. He is passionate about upgrading work processes, sharing knowledge and supporting colleagues so they can realise their potential.