The SMARTER@HKU IT Organisation and Processes Task Force was one of the finalists of 2018 Professional Services Team Award. The Team was nominated by Mrs Stacy Belcher Lee, Director of University Archives. 

The Task Force has developed five new IT projects to streamline IT support work, enhance data security, release office space and reduce costs. The new developments have transformed work processes and helped colleagues work more efficiently through central shared services and business partnering.

The Task Force is a collaboration between Information Technology Services and various faculties and departments. They showed outstanding innovation and dedication to developing new IT developments, including: 

  • Virtual PCs – standardise central PC management, save space and technical support time and ensure greater security protection.
  • Cloud-based Website Content Management System – offers a centrally coordinated solution for units to set up their websites quickly.
  • Common Facilities Booking System – helps departments automate their facilities bookings.
  • Audio Visual Standards – help departments acquire and manage AV facilities more efficiently.
  • University-wide ITS Cloud Deployment– saves departmental effort in procurement and server management, releases office space and keeps data secure.

The IT developments were developed by colleagues, representing a saving in resources compared to hiring outside vendors. The Task Force has streamlined workflows and centralised functions, benefiting almost every department at HKU.

The Task Force demonstrated a determination to streamline processes, centralise services and enhance work quality. Their concerted efforts have helped colleagues work faster and taken the University’s professional services to the next level.