Dr Chan Mee Lee was one of the finalists of 2018 Professional Services Individual Award. She was nominated by Dr Duncan MacFarlane, Acting Director, Centre for Sports and Exercise. 

As the leader of the Facilities Management Team of the Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE), Dr Chan is dedicated to her leadership role while striving to develop smarter strategies, create partnerships across teams, achieve efficiency and create a happy workplace. Under her leadership, the Team has rolled out transformation initiatives that provide quality services for students, colleagues and stakeholders as they use the University sports facilities.

Dr Chan has led her team to launch a number of Facilities Management projects aimed at achieving greater efficiency, including the Facility Management Online Request Form and External Online Booking Application Form. The online platforms automate workflows and improve efficiency, traceability and accuracy. The Team has also implemented an automatic electronic car park system, which integrates the HKU smart card, QR code access control and the Octopus card to provide users with greater convenience.

The Team was innovative in their use of resources. They partnered with a local tennis company to make better use of the University’s High West Tennis Court and offset security service costs.

The Team has developed the ‘Most Sincere Smile’ Award to motivate frontline colleagues, as well as adopting talent management strategies and running Continuing Professional Development courses. They have introduced additional pay increments, laid down succession plan and created additional leadership positions to recognise good performers. Colleagues have been motivated by growth opportunities and the prospect of promotion, and morale has been raised.

Dr Chan has showed immense commitment to her work.  She has lived up to the spirit of working productively, partnering with teams and improving continuously. Her commitment to introducing new ways of working has helped the Team achieve the best results.